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As popularity of the Ridge to Rivers Trail System continues to grow, a series of special trail management strategies have been implemented on a variety of trails to increase safety, reduce user conflict and improve the overall trail experience in the Boise Foothills. These trail management tactics, guided by industry best practices and extensive public engagement with hikers, runners, mountain bikers and equestrians, were first piloted in 2021 and later permanently implemented. Special trail management strategies like one-way directional trails may be implemented at the discretion of the Ridge to Rivers partnership, led by the City of Boise, on a case-by-case basis as new trails are built. Feedback from trail users is sought on an annual basis through user surveys and other community feedback opportunities.

A list of directional and separation of use strategies on trails within the Ridge to Rivers system is included for reference.

A list of directional and separation of use strategies on trails within the Ridge to Rivers system is included for reference.

  • Lower Hulls Gulch Trail #29 Odd/Even Separation of Use – On odd numbered days of the month, the trail is open to downhill bike traffic (trail closed to all other users). On even numbered days of the month, the trail is open to hikers and equestrians traveling in both directions and open to uphill mountain bike traffic (trail closed to downhill bike traffic).
  • Polecat Loop Trail #81 Directional – All trail users are required to travel in the same direction. Users will travel clockwise through 2024. This change to the direction of travel has been implemented based on user feedback. Should feedback continue to indicate user support, the direction of Polecat Loop will change annually. Please note, the first half-mile of the trail from the Polecat Trailhead on Collister Drive is multi-directional to provide an out-and-back experience at Polecat Reserve. In addition, the short section of Polecat Loop from Cartwright Trailhead to the lower Doe Ridge Trail junction is multi-directional to allow for shorter loops on the north side of the reserve.
  • Around the Mountain Trail #98 Directional – All users are required to travel counter-clockwise. This trail is jointly managed by Ridge to Rivers and Bogus Basin
  • Bucktail Trail #20A Separation of Use – Bucktail Trail is open to downhill mountain bike traffic only. Uphill mountain bike access is via Central Ridge Trail. A new pedestrian-only trail named Two Point Trail has been constructed between Central Ridge and Bucktail Trails for hikers and equestrians.
  • Hawkins Loop Trail #60 Directional – All users are required to travel counter-clockwise.
  • Harrow Trail #61 Directional – All users are required to travel counter-clockwise.

Additional Background

Following the 2021 special trail management strategies pilot program, members of the Boise City Council affirmed Boise Parks and Recreation and Ridge to Rivers staff recommendations to adopt the piloted management strategies going forward.

Signage is updated throughout the trail system to reflect where special trail management strategies are in place and updates have also been made to the Ridge to Rivers interactive map.

There are currently no plans to test additional management strategies at other trail locations. However, the Ridge to Rivers partnership typically surveys users annually to evaluate special trail management approaches and listen to user feedback.

To view historical survey data and additional information on special trail management strategies used within the Ridge to Rivers Trail System, please contact us by email so you can be connected with staff.

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