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In the fall of 2023, Boise Parks and Recreation launched a 16-question online survey to gather feedback on the Boise Foothills trail system. The Ridge to Rivers partnership, led by the City of Boise, received more than 3,400 responses to the trail user survey that closed on November 3, 2023. Thank you to those who participated in the survey - we appreciate the feedback you shared and are now working to incorporate many suggestions into our practices!

Survey Results Overview

Overall, feedback received shows appreciation for the Ridge to Rivers Trail System. Comments about muddy trail etiquette, dog waste issues, and interactions between differing user groups were common. Our goal is to continue educating users about wet weather and winter trail use throughout the year, both on the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page and the interactive map. We also want to remind people to always carry mutt mitts to pick up their pet’s waste. Finally, we encourage all trail users to revisit the Happy Trails pledge to ensure that everyone has a positive experience while recreating in the Boise Foothills.

Some other ways we are using your feedback and implementing recommendations:

  • Expanded Interactive Map Features: We are pleased so many people use the interactive map to check trail conditions and plan their next hike or ride. Following feedback received in the survey, our team is now working with Ada County GIS on some highly requested features, like being able to map out a route or loop of multiple trail sections. More to come on this!
  • Cellphone Notifications: Ridge to Rivers is implementing the ability to receive notifications about trail conditions and important trail information following feedback from users. Starting in 2024, trail users of all kinds can sign up for timely notifications about things like muddy trails, seasonal closures and openings, and trail construction work. Instructions to get signed up via the free RainoutLine app are as follows:
    • Download RainoutLine from the app store
    • Search for Boise Parks and Recreation
    • Find Ridge to Rivers Trail Condition Report
    • Click Bell and Star to receive notifications, allow notifications on your device
    • Don’t want to download the app? Listen to updates by calling 208-231-0001 ext. 11
  • Trail Recommendations from the Experts: People want to hear from the trail team! There were many requests for our team members to provide suggestions on trail routes and loops. They are now putting their heads together to come up with recommendations for various skill levels, trail difficulties, and lengths. Please check the website in the future for new posts on various topics under the “Hikes and Rides” tab.
  • When to Take a Hike: You asked for insight into what trails were busy and when. Our trail team shared some observations and recommendations for people who are planning their hike or ride seasonally or based on an area’s popularity. Check out this new webpage for the best times to hit the trails.

Thank you again for your participation and feedback. The annual survey helps us continue to learn about user experiences on the trails and improve management of the Ridge to Rivers Trail System.